In my career as a psychiatrist, almost every patient I’ve seen has complained about insomnia.

I’ve read about the topic up, down and sideways. There are countless reasons for sleeplessness coming from the research community. And countless treatment recommendations.

Here’s one cause of insomnia that no one talks about but I’ve felt is often at the heart of the problem:


Maybe you’ve spent many nights tossing and turning with valid worries about creeping debt, whether your marriage is salvageable, how to save your children from self-destruction, whether you can ditch a dead-end job and survive financially . . . and the list goes on. The worst part of this is that people assume this is normal! It isn’t.

After years of stewing about problems, and coming up with some solutions, have you ever wondered, “Is that all there is?” Perhaps running on the problem treadmill for so long is feeling stale, empty and lonely.

Perhaps even leading a “successful” life is not bringing you the joy and fulfillment you’d hoped for. Your usual perks for working hard, like a round of tennis, shopping with friends, or dinner and a movie, don’t give you the same thrill anymore.

In decades of trying to help people, I’ve seen many come into my office with their symptoms and conflicts and then leave some time later usually having unloaded the heaviest of this baggage. They feel better and cope better.

But what I’ve seen is that many are still disconnected from their amazing talents, gifts and unrealized dreams. I also see this out in the world at large.

When your life is not aligned with connecting with your gifts and offering them to the world, your energy stagnates and other symptoms like depression, anxiety and over-eating can surface.

Imagine if you were to lay your head on your pillow at night feeling fulfilled in the knowledge that you’d brought the best of yourself to the world that day and helped in a meaningful way. How do you think you would sleep?

My life’s purpose is to help women discover and implement their purpose. To take out the treasure that’s been buried inside for so long, dust it off and contribute to making something wonderful of your life and your corner of this world – in whatever way is aligned with you.

I’d love to help you find the meaning, fulfillment and joy you were meant to experience. And perhaps a peaceful night’s sleep.

With Joy of Purpose,