Life Coaching

Are you ready to live into your potential?

Maybe you’ve worked hard for so many years, and now you’re wondering where the rewards are that you’d hoped for.
Is there a nagging feeling inside that you’re meant to be doing more with your life?
Do you look at all you’ve achieved in your life – a family, a comfortable lifestyle, a successful career – and yet feel something’s missing?
Do you feel lonely even when you’re with family and friends and crave more meaningful, heartfelt connections?
Have you had painful losses – of loved ones, a job, a home, a dream – and are looking for support to rebuild your life?
Did you put a dream on hold to raise a family, climb the career ladder, support a partner’s dream and now want help to pick up that dream and make it real?

I’m Dr. Lucille Necas
and I’ve been where you’ve been.

I’ve overcome mental and physical ill health, abusive marriages and the challenges of building a successful career. And now I’m leading the fulfilling life I’d always longed for.

I’ve been a psychiatrist for over 30 years. My approach has always been holistic, focusing on healing and nurturing of the body, mind and spirit. Through in depth work with clients using psychotherapy and EMDR, I’ve discovered the wealth of gifts, natural assets, dreams and skills that so many women harbour inside themselves.

I knew I could help women go beyond healing from their psychological wounds to thriving – by discovering and nurturing these buried treasures.

I offer a holistic, collaborative approach that focuses on all the areas of your life that you want to address:

One on one or small group coaching sessions (maximum of 6 people).

3,6, or 12
month packages

Specific strategies and assignments tailor-made for your goals & lifestyle.

Book your free discovery call with me in which we’ll clarify what you need and design a program to best fulfill your needs.

Are you ready to start moving toward the life you desire?

What my clients say about me

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“Lucille is a master in guiding you to discover your true purpose! She does this with kindness, compassion and wisdom. Lucille is gracious and generous with sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is an absolute gem!”

Mary Ealdon

Zeniful Coaching

Lucille is one of the most dedicated, growth mindset orientated and loving individuals I have ever met. Her willingness to give above and beyond to her clients is something to be noted. Lucille is dedicated to taking a stand for her clients to not only identify their inner calling but to live a life of purpose driven by joy and creativity.

Lucille is definitely without a doubt a heart driven humble leader, guide, mentor, coach, speaker and being of unconditional love.

Warren Falkenstein

4x award winning public speaker, mindset coach, meditation artist and spiritual thought leader.