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Dr. Lucille brings her extensive expertise in psychology to helping women who desire to fulfill their
potential. She engages and inspires audiences as she blends science with compassionate storytelling
and humour. Your audience will leave with proven methods that will help them create a rewarding life.

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Signature Talk

The 5 Blocks to a Woman’s Fulfillment and How to Overcome Them

Get to the Joy that’s Your Birthright

In this talk, women will learn:

  1. 5 obstacles that prevent women from feeling fulfilled
  2. which ones are specifically hijacking their lives
  3. practical strategies to overcome them
  4. how to value themselves on their own terms
  5. how to start thriving in all areas of their lives

Lucille Necas

Is the founder of “The Joy of Purpose”, a Life Coaching program for women.  She is a psychiatrist with over 30 years experience specializing in psychotherapy and EMDR. Her practice is holistically oriented to addressing all aspects of a woman’s life: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual.

Dr. Lucille learned the hard way by growing herself up in a toxic family environment. Despite struggling with depression and anxiety, she knew that she was fundamentally a happy person. Her mission was to find her joy and live there. And after many years of trying self-help strategies and psychotherapy, she found her joy and came into her own.

In her psychiatric practice she’s had the privilege of working with hundreds of wonderful women. And, she learned that while she could help women heal their emotional wounding and cope better, that didn’t necessarily lead them to thriving with joy. So she started her coaching practice in which she helps her clients achieve their potential.



$8000 USD for virtual or in person presentations

  • Business class travel
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Lucille’s workshop was excellent

I had the pleasure of meeting Lucille Necas at a women’s networking event and was immediately drawn to her warmth, intelligence, and enthusiasm for life. As we spoke further, we realized we had common visions and beliefs, in that we both wanted to help women who were going through changes in their lives, especially as they turned 50 and beyond. I introduced Lucille to my platform of Power Purpose Play, and Lucille did not hesitate to introduce me to her vast network of women. Lucille was so generous with her time and resources and created a workshop for Power Purpose Play entitled “Move Toward the Light: Reinvent Yourself in a Way that Fulfills You”.

Lucille’s workshop was excellent, and she provided a wonderful framework for women as they navigate reinvention in their lives. She spoke honestly, with enthusiasm and clarity, and her messages were very well received by my audience. She also provided a wonderful follow up workbook for the attendees, which will no doubt prove extremely valuable to them.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lucille Necas as a wonderful presenter, who brings her years of psychiatry knowledge and her life coaching skills to her presentations. She provides practical examples, and thoughtful insights into her presentations. Thank you, Lucille, for sharing your expertise and warmth with myself and my audience.

Kavita Ahuja

Founder, Power Purpose Play

I highly recommend her as a speaker

Lucille is an absolute gem with such amazing wisdom to share with any audience. Her approach when speaking is so warm and inviting that it makes it easy to understand and apply what she teaches. I would highly recommend her as a speaker as I know she delivers what she promises.

Kevin Carton

Life Mastery Consultant

Dr. Lucille is an advocate of changes for the better

The interview with Dr. Lucille Necas added true value to the message I’ve been trying to put forward to my audience, which is ‘no matter how hard life has treated you, there’s always hope – but you must take extreme ownership and action!’

Not only is Dr. Lucille an advocate of changes for the better, but she has also crafted a well-laid plan to assist the journey. Unlike many with a conventional medical background, she understands the suffering and hurt – the complicated nature of a human being; she radiates hope, assistance, love, and trust. Her gentle, calm voice further enhances the listening experience.

She is truly helpful, forthcoming and a lovely person to work with and talk to.

Branka Androjna

Podcaster, Milangela's Soul Garden

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